Registry Cleaner Reviews

Registry Cleaner Reviews

by Keith Davies

If PC crashing and freezing are the glitches that you frequently encounter there is a great possibility that your registry needs cleaning. In cases like these, windows repair goes beyond the usual virus scanning.

Malwares also contribute to PC slowdown and although virus scanners do detect and heal these viruses, invalid entries still remain in the registry undetected. Cleaning the registry can be done manually or with the aid of registry cleaners. Of these two methods, manual cleaning poses a greater risk of damaging your computer. Even expert PC users avoid manual registry cleaning as much as possible.
Opting for automatic registry cleaning seems a wiser choice but before you go and purchase a registry cleaner it is important to learn some basics about the registry. The registry is like a log book. It contains a list of hardware, software, settings and user profiles stored in your PC.

Its function is to keep track of the connections between hardware, memory space and addressing. Whenever Control Panel settings, file associations or software installations are tweaked, the registry records these modifications so that the user can also keep track of these system changes.

As more changes are employed on the PC, the registry size increases. Since there are tons of files to go through for referencing, the computer slows down.
To avoid this problem, registry cleaning should be a part of maintenance routines. The challenge now is choosing the best product for the job. One of the most popular registry cleaners is the regcure software. It is created by Paretologic to specifically address registry problems.

How does it work? Once installed, the program can systematically check sections of the registry for invalid entries. It scans each of the eleven categories of registry files. After scanning, the list of errors is displayed and the user can choose which files will be removed.

Once these invalid entries are removed, the computer works more efficiently. Regcure also allows creation of a back up file of the registry; restoration of registry to its previous state; management of start-up items; and scheduling of scans. A free trial of the product can also be downloaded. Indeed, the features and availability of the sample drives people to choose and buy regcure.
Another known registry cleaner software is the registrysweep. The best feature of this product is its prioritizing scheme. The software categorizes the errors according to which requires immediate repair.

Problems requiring urgent repair are placed under “high”, this is followed by the less urgent matters and are placed under “medium”, followed by the least urgent which are placed under “low”.  Like regcure, it also has the registry back-up and restore features as well as the scan scheduling feature.
Nowadays, computers require more frequent maintenance routines.

Better softwares are constantly being developed and are made accessible with the aid of the internet. As such, it is easier to overload the registry and ultimately “kill” the PC. Aside from the usual virus scans and defragging, perform registry cleaning as well. Programs like regcure and registry sweep are readily available for use. Keep in mind that a properly maintained PC will always benefit you in the long run.  RegCure Registry Cleaner: How does it Work?

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