Registry Cleaner Software Reviews

Registry Cleaner Software Reviews

by Keith Davies

When your computer frequently crashes and the system becomes noticeably slow, windows repair procedures are way beyond simple virus scanning. These glitches are some of the symptoms of a disorganized registry.

The registry is a computer’s database. It contains information on the computer’s configuration. Any modifications done on the system like installing or uninstalling programs and making changes using the Control Panel are also recorded in the registry. As the computer is being used frequently, there is a great possibility that lots of programs are being installed and uninstalled from system.

Since the registry records all these things, it continuously increases its size as more changes are being made in the system. This results to the slowdown and frequent crashes as well as application failure and document errors.

To address this problem, registry cleaning should be made a part of a PC’s routine maintenance. Some users delete invalid registry entries manually. It is such a tedious task and also a risky one.

Thankfully, software designed for registry cleaning are available. These applications work by scanning sections of the registry for specific files that are classified as invalid items. Once the scanning is done, removal of the entries and registry repair are performed by the software.

One of the popular registry cleaning programs today is the reg sweep. Its special feature is its prioritizing scheme. It classifies the files scanned according to which requires the most urgent repair. The most urgent are categorized as “high”, the less urgent are categorized as “medium” and the least urgent are categorized as “low”. Interested parties can download regsweep from its official site.

Another recently popular program is registryeasy. Some of the items that it detects are: windows installer errors, ActiveX errors, windows startup errors, checkdisk errors, and lssass.exe, svchost.exe and other exe errors. According to its official site the program can help your machine regain disk space and it protects your privacy.

It also has a back up feature in case the registry has to be restored to a previous state. Registryeasy is more than just a registry cleaner. One of its unique features is the “Junk file cleaner”. Unnecessary files such as temporary files, zero-size files and crash-generated files are detected and removed from the system with this feature. Hence, freeing more hard disk space. It can also resolve browser issues and enable you to manage your startup programs. Free registry easy download can be availed from the official site.

In choosing an effective registry cleaning program one important consideration is the credibility of the creator. Software downloads from several sources, known and unknown, are readily available on the internet which is why computer users should be more careful and critical in choosing from which source to download.

Reading reviews and asking opinion from experienced users should also be done before purchasing the product. Having the right information makes the person aware of the different features and benefits that each type. The least of your expectations after all is more problems caused by these supposedly system-boosting programs.

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