Things You Need To Know About Registry Cleaners

Things You Need To Know About Registry Cleaners

by Keith Davies

Still burdened with system crashes and popping error messages? Well, it’s about time to clean your registry. Glitches are typically attributed to viruses because that is basically their role in a computer system. Sometimes though, even the most thorough and updated anti-virus cannot seem to detect anything that causes the slowdown or the crash.

In cases like these, attention should be turned to the registry because chances are, it is teeming with invalid entries which in turn bog down the system. Registry cleaning can be done by manually deleting each invalid registry item or by letting a registry cleaning software do the job. Tweaking the registry manually though can be tedious and has a higher risk of further damaging the system. And mind you, these damages are irreversible. So unless you know exactly what you are doing, letting the software do its job is the safest way.

Choosing software for your registry cleaning can be a bit tricky. There is a plethora of these applications and going through each one takes a lot of time. This article features two of the most popular registry cleaning programs today namely: the registry easy software and the regcure registry cleaner.

Basically, registry cleaners operate by first performing a thorough scan of several sections of the registry for invalid items. Classified as invalid items are the remnant files left whenever poorly programmed applications are uninstalled from the system.

Once the scan is done, a list of detected files is displayed on-screen. Usually, the person can choose which files will be removed or retained. The repair option is also available for restoration of damaged registry sections.

Registry easy performs these basic tasks as well. Some of the items it detects include windows explorer errors, windows media player errors, runtime errors, DLL errors, and installer errors. The reviews so far claim that this cleaner detects the most amounts of problems in a system due to its efficient detection algorithm.

It has also several features like the junk files cleaner, memory tweak, and startup items manager. Overall, it is both a registry cleaner as well as a system optimizer with its added features.

Regcure does the basic tasks as well. The items it detects are generally leftover files from incomplete uninstallations, unsuccessful installations, disabled drivers and malware. These files are considered by regcure to fall within eleven categories namely: COM/ActiveX entries, uninstall entries, font entries, shared DLLs, application paths, help files information, windows startup items, file/path references, program shortcuts, empty registry keys, file associations.

The positive reviews so far are the due to the large number of items detected by the program. Its size (1.4MB) is another selling point of the product. Regcure problems are also few. The interface is very user friendly which is probably why people opt to buy regcure.
Arming oneself with the right information is certainly an important step in making any purchase.

This is most important especially when the transaction is not done face to face as is the case for online shopping. It is also crucial to make sure that the product comes from a reliable and credible source so as to avoid further damages from the software itself.

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